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In this episode we ask how communities can be empowered to fight for climate justice. How do we all ensure that their views are taken into account by politicians and the climate movement?

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 COP28-special: Collaborating for climate justice

COP28-special: Collaborating for climate justice

Last year Agustín Ocaña from Ecuador quit his job to become a full-time advocator for the...

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Building with natures help podcast lava

Building with nature’s help

Can lava from volcanoes be transformed into house walls? And can we use fungi to clean...
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Menu of tomorrow podcast

The menu of tomorrow

A global shift to a more sustainable diet is needed to reduce the major impact that food...

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Earth-friendly fashion podcast

Earth-friendly fashion

Clothing production has doubled worldwide over the last 15 years and has today a huge...
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Green gold rush on Indigenous land podcast

Green gold rush on Indigenous land

In this episode, we explore the crucial role of Indigenous communities in the green...
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Striving for gender equality in the media podcast

Striving for gender equality in the media

Despite progress towards gender equality, women's voices remain underrepresented in the...
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Deadline-for-sustainable-change podcast

2030: A deadline for sustainable change

Do you sometimes wonder if the world is making progress on reaching the 17 SDGs? Now is a...
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Energy security in a new geopolitical reality podcast

Energy security in a new geopolitical reality

In this episode, we take a closer look at how to increase energy security.
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Putting sound to global challenges

‘Nordic Talks’ is a series of talks and podcast episodes addressing the biggest global challenges. 

Through conversations with some of the brightest minds in the Nordics and their counterparts from around the world we want to provide a space for contemplation and to share inspiration on how to take action on sustainability issues in our everyday lives. All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) challenges.

NORDIC TALKS is brought to you by The Nordics, a project under The Nordic Council of Ministers.


Thinkers and doers from around the world who are concerned about the planet we all share.

Eda Özkınacı

Eda Özkinaci (Türkiye)

Eda Özkinaci is a sales manager at Sweden's Billerud pulp and paper manufacturer with...

Tord Dale

Tord Dale (Norway)

Tord Dale is Head of Sustainability at Virke, the Federation of Norwegian Enterprise...

Hande Bayrak

Hande Bayrak (Türkiye)

Hande Bayrak is Project Management Director at the Turkish Employers' Association of Metal...

Juho Partanen

Juho Partanen (Finland)

Juho Partanen is a global expert in management consultancy and business development with a...

jakob hallgren

Jacob Hallgren (Sweden)

Jakob Hallgren is the director of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and was...

Rauno Merisaari

Rauno Merisaari (Finland)

Rauno Merisaari is the Human Rights Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in...



All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the SDG challenges. We want to inspire each other to act – for a better, more sustainable future.

In August 2019 The Nordic Council of Ministers set the ambitious goal for the Nordic Region to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Read the council's 'Vision 2030' here.