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Should more houses be built from wood? Yes, say some urban planners and architects. They believe the construction industry could drastically reduce its environmental footprint by using wood as a building material instead of concrete. This is already a trend in the Nordics, driven partly by concern for the climate, but also thanks to a long tradition of using wooden materials – because of the belief that wood can make us happier and bring us closer to nature. 

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of building with wood and also look at the challenges of making this switch – in Europe and globally.

This podcast is the result of a Nordic Talks online event arranged by the Nordic Visit Organizations in France, hosted by the French newspaper Les Echos and live-streamed from Paris.


“Not only can the use of wood as a building material reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings, it also improves the quality of our lives.” 

Nikolaj Sveistrup, CEO and founder of URBAN AGENDA.

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Nikolaj Sveistrup

Nikolaj Sveistrup (Denmark)

Nikolaj Sveistrup is the CEO and founder of URBAN AGENDA, a Copenhagen-based organization providing ideas, assistance and new solutions for urban development and sustainable construction. Nikolaj is also an associate partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and leads the URBAN FUTURE initiative. His mission is to develop cities that are more sustainable and livable, focusing on sustainable, regenerative urban development, including building with wood.


Andrew Todd (UK)

Architect and theatre consultant Andrew Todd has run architecture practice Studio Andrew Todd since 2004. The studio specializes in wood construction and in making theatres and spaces for the social arts. Moreover, as Director of Learning of the NCC Wood Academy, Andrew is assisting one of Scandinavia's biggest builders in their transition to timber construction.