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The green pension pot

Did you know that your pension can be a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change? However small your pension pot is, when pooled together with the savings of hundreds of thousands of other people, it can have a major impact. And the impact is growing as large amounts of money from both private and public funds are increasingly invested in green and sustainable companies.

Investors from the Nordic countries were some of the first to start thinking about sustainability and are still among the frontrunners in the current boom.

In this episode, we look at the burgeoning sustainable investment sector and find out just how big an impact it can have on our future.


“The most important climate decision you can make is where you place your pension money.”

Allan Polack, CEO of the Danish pension company PFA

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Emilie Goodall (United Kingdom)

Emilie Goodall (United Kingdom)

Emilie Goodall is Financial System Lead at the World Benchmarking Alliance, a non-profit organization that assesses and ranks the world's most influential companies on their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. Emilie has over 15 years of experience helping organizations improve their impact on people and the planet. Having developed a deep understanding of responsible and impact investment practices throughout her career, she is a strong believer in finance as a force for positive change.

Siri Kalvig (Norway)

Siri Kalvig (Norway)

Siri Kalvig is the CEO of Nysnø Climate Investments, the Norwegian state's climate investment company, which uses finance and investments as tools to help achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Accords. With a background as a meteorologist and a doctorate in offshore wind technology, Siri previously led the University of Stavanger's environmentally friendly energy research network. She started her career as a weather presenter on TV2, before working to found what later became the leading international weather intelligence provider StormGeo.

Allan Polack.

Allan Polack (Denmark)

Allan Polack has been the CEO of the independent Danish pension company PFA since 2015. PFA is owned by its members rather than shareholders and focuses on promoting positive social change through responsible investments. Allan sits on the boards of several organizations, including industry associations and the Danish Human Practice Foundation NGO which builds and refurbishes schools in Nepal and Kenya. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Copenhagen Business School's Pension Research Centre (PeRCent).