Game-changing protein

What do you throw on the grill when you are having friends over for a barbeque but still want to stay sustainable? How about a seaweed sausage or a burger literally made out of thin air? The range of game-changing, climate-friendly proteins is expanding rapidly as calls to eat less meat to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and deforestation increase. Nordic Talks explores this food revolution, talking to those taking part in the drive to change products and perceptions to move the world's population away from animal products towards the sustainable foods of the future.

“We need to challenge the link between protein and masculinity”

- Roberta Iley, Forum for the Future

This podcast episode features the following speakers

olavur gregersen

Olavur Gregersen (Faroe Islands)

Olavur Gregersen is the managing director and co-founder of Ocean Rainforest, one of the largest seaweed cultivation companies in Europe. He frequently speaks as an expert on seaweed cultivation and the blue bioeconomy. He is a member of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel and a member of the European Blue Bioeconomy Forum Steering Group working for DG Mare in EU.

pasi vainikka

Pasi Vainikka (Finland)

Pasi Vainikka is the co-founder and CEO of Solar Foods, a Finnish start-up that has developed a complete protein made from carbon dioxide, air and electricity. The company aims to begin the commercial production of this environmentally revolutionary natural protein source during 2020.

roberta iley

Roberta Iley (United Kingdom)

Roberta Iley is a principal change designer at Forum for the Future, a leading international sustainability non-profit. Much of her time is focused on leading the Protein Challenge 2040, a collaboration involving industry and NGOs, which aims to tackle the question: How do we provide up to 10 billion people with enough protein in a way that is healthy, affordable and good for the planet?