Decarbonizing our production

How do we manufacture our products? What energy sources do we use? How do we transport goods and how do we package them? All these questions need to be answered as we try to decarbonize the world’s manufacturing industries and reach the Paris Agreement goals for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

In this episode we dive into the challenges facing sectors such as the motor vehicle and textile industries, as well as the packaging industry and manufacturing in general. We take the temperature on new EU regulations and their potential effect on industry inside and outside Europe. And we look at the new ideas and solutions coming from the Nordics and Türkiye – a country with a major manufacturing sector. 

This episode comes from a Nordic Talks event in Istanbul, arranged by the Nordic missions in Türkiye together with Business Finland and Business Sweden as part of the Türkiye Circular Economy Week.


“In order to achieve circularity, it’s not enough to act nationally, we need to consider the global value chain.”

Tord Dale, Head of Sustainability at Virke – the Federation of Norwegian Enterprise


This podcast episode features the following speakers

Eda Özkınacı

Eda Özkinaci (Türkiye)

Eda Özkinaci is a sales manager at Sweden's Billerud pulp and paper manufacturer with extensive experience in the paper products and flexible packaging industry. She has expertise  in negotiation, analytical skills, sales, and pricing strategy, and has held roles at companies such as Rotopak and Amcor Flexibles.

Tord Dale

Tord Dale (Norway)

Tord Dale is Head of Sustainability at Virke, the Federation of Norwegian Enterprise employers' organization. He previously worked as a political adviser in the Norwegian government from 2008 to 2013, General Manager at the Maritimt Forum maritime industry organization, and a partner at the Footprint climate consultancy.

Hande Bayrak

Hande Bayrak (Türkiye)

Hande Bayrak is Project Management Director at the Turkish Employers' Association of Metal Industries (MESS) MEXT Technology Center, where she specializes in government relations and grant funding. Before joining MEXT, she spent 12 years in the telecommunications industry, focusing on public policy and government interactions. She also worked at the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (DEİK) and Sabancı University.

Juho Partanen

Juho Partanen (Finland)

Juho Partanen is a global expert in management consultancy and business development with a doctorate from the Paris School of Business. Besides founding several global sales and service networks in various sectors, ranging from the energy to the automotive industries, he has lived and worked in multiple countries, including Spain and the United Arab Emirates.