Beauty industry makeover

Beauty industry makeover

Let’s face it – there’s an ugly side to the rapidly growing beauty industry. Take the excessive packaging of personal care products: 140 billion units a year that are rarely recycled - meaning a major problem for the environment. And this is before you add in the impact of polluting ingredients and waste created by the products themselves. With consumers worldwide clamouring for change, companies are now trying to clean up their acts. In this episode, we look at these emerging trends and ask how we as consumers can help give the beauty industry a sustainable makeover.
This episode comes from a Nordic Talk held in Sweden during The Transformation Conference, run by Scandinavian MIND magazine.


“As companies we can take responsibility and say no to certain ingredients and change the factories.”

Johan Hellström, owner of Björn Axén hair care and chair of the Swedish National Association of Hairdressers

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Kicki Norman

Kicki Norman (Sweden)

Kicki Norman is the founder and editor-in-chief of leading Scandinavian beauty magazines, Daisy Beauty and Daisy Beauty Professional. A professional journalist and blogger, Kicki is a contributing writer for Scandinavian MIND and recently explored the future of Nordic beauty in an article for the magazine.

Roger Dupé

Roger Dupé (Sweden)

Roger Dupé is an international model and entrepreneur, who recently founded the skincare brand Melyon. Melyon aims to be an inclusive force in an exclusive industry. They also embrace ethical ingredients and take sustainability seriously with a "less is more" approach to products and packaging.

Johan Hellström

Johan Hellström (Sweden)

Johan Hellström is the owner and director of Business Development at Björn Axén, a top Swedish haircare brand. Johan is also the chair of the Swedish National Association of Hairdressers (Frisörföretagarna) and is committed to using his influence to help the industry change from within to become sustainable.